Studying Food Systems at CSU

ACT 605Accounting for Sustainable Enterprises
AGED 581A2Local Food Systems for Extensions Educators
AGRI 500Advanced Issues in Agriculture
AGRI 510Sustainable Agriculture
AGRI 515/HORT 515Urban Horticulture
AGRI 521Emerging Issues and Challenges for Global Ag
AGRI/ENGR 601Bioenergy Technology
AGRI 602Bioenergy Policy, Economics, and Assessment
AGRI 632Managing for Ecosystem Sustainability
AGRI 635Integrated Forage Management
AGRI 637Understanding Policy and Emerging Issues
AGRI 638Ecosystem Services on Agricultural Lands
ANEQ 448Livestock Manure Management and Environment
ANEQ 548Issues in Manure Management
ANEQ 555Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability
ANTH 150Imagining Sustainability
ANTH 417Indigenous Environmental Stewardship
ANTH 529Anthropology and Sustainable Development
AREC 222Economics of Food Systems
AREC 240/ECON 240Issues in Environmental Economics
AREC 340/ECON 340Introduction- Economics of Natural Resources
AREC 341Environmental Economics
AREC 440Advanced Environmental and Resource Economics
AREC 460Ag-and Resource-Based Economic Development
AREC 520Intellectual Property in Food and Agriculture
AREC 540/ECON 540Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
AREC 541 /ECON 541Environmental Economics
AREC 572Social Benefit Cost Analysis
AREC 740Advanced Natural Resource Economics
AREC 741Advanced Environmental Economics
BUS 201Foundation of Sustainable Enterprise
BUS 680A2Global Sustainable Transformation in Business
CIVE 438Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CIVE 480A4Global Water Challenges
CIVE 528/GES 528 Assessing the Food, water, energy nexus
CIVE 578Infrastructure and Utility Management
CIVE 580B5Understanding the FEW Nexus
CIVE 580B6Tools for Food-Energy-Water System Analysis
DM 272Consumers in the Marketplace
ECOL 610Ecosystem Ecology
ECON 381A2Environmental and Climate Change Economics
ECON 540Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ESS 120Introduction to Ecosystem and Watershed Sciences
ESS 129Information Management for Sustainability
ESS 130Intro to Systems Theory for Sustainability
ESS 150Imagining Sustainability
ESS 211Foundations in Ecosystem Science
ESS 312Sustainability Science
ESS 400Global Perspectives on Sustainability
ESS 405/SOCR 405Global Agriculture and Environmental Change
ESS 440Practicing Sustainability
ESS 471 Special Topics in Ecosystem Sustainability
ESS/SOCR 480A8Global Agriculture and Environmental Change 
ESS 501Principles of Ecosystem Sustainability
ESS/SOCR 520Intro to Environmental Data Science
ESS 524Foundations for Carbon/Greenhouse Gas Mgmt.
ESS 505International Climate Negotiations
ESS 543Current Topics in Climate Change
ESS 545Applications in GHG Inventories
ESS/ANEQ 555Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability
ESS/SOCR 580A8Environmental Data Science Applications: Food and Agriculture
FSHN 300Food Principles & Applications
FSHN 455Food Systems--Impact on Health/Food Security
FSHN 500Food Systems, Nutrition, and Food Security
FSHN 661 International Nutrition
FTEC 110Food from Farm to Table
FTEC 400Food Safety
GEOL 480A3Groundwater Resources
GEOL 554Remote Sensing of Earth System
GES 101Foundations of Environmental Sustainability
GES 192Global Environmental Sustainability Seminar
GES 201Systems Thinking in Sustainability
GES 481A2Science and Economics of Climate Change
GES 520Issues in Global Environmental Sustainability
GR 204Sustainable Watersheds
HORT 424/SOCR 424Topics in Organic Agriculture
NR505Methods for Resource Management
POLS 482DStudy abroad-Spain and Morocco: Politics of Food in the Med.
RRM 311Food Service Systems-Production and Purchasing
RRM 400Food and Society
SOC 364Food, Agriculture and Global Society
SOC 380A1Globalization, Food Systems and Labor
SOC 562/AGRI 562Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture
SOCR 405Global Agriculture and Environmental Change
SOCR 500Environmental Measurement Laboratory
SOCR 572Internet-of-Things Environmental Sensors Lab
SOCR 577Principles/Components: Precision Agriculture
SOCR 620Modelling Ecosystem Biogeochemistry
STAT 523Quantitative Spatial Analysis
STS 623Spatial Statistics

As population continues to grow and demands for resources increase, understanding the nexus of Food-Energy-Water Systems is vital to ensure the reliability and equity of access to these crucial resources. The Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems (InTERFEWS) Program brings together PhD students from traditionally disparate disciplines to conduct research on key problems in the FEW nexus with a focus on water-scarce, arid regions. Learn more:

Experiential Education

Extension Internship

All colleges at Colorado State University work with the Office of Engagement and Extension to support an annual 10 week summer internship program. These paid positions combine research, program delivery and dissemination efforts with hands on learning at the local/county level. Learn more on the program website:

On-Campus Engagement

Student Symposium

Photo left to right: Jenna Bensko, Pratyoosh Kashyap, Rebecca Wasserman-Olin

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Food Systems Institute Student Symposium!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

First Place: Rebecca Wasserman-Olin, DARE: Finding Community Among Diversified Vegetable Farmers and Stakeholder Led Research, $500.

Second Place: Pratyoosh Kashyap, DARE: Diffusion of Universal Free School Meals in the United States: Examining Factors Influencing Adoption of Community Eligibility Provision, $250.

Third Place: Jenna Bensko, FSHN: Associations between sustainability scores and the likelihood of offering menu items with various protein sources in the top selling US restaurant chains, $100.

Student Clubs


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